With over 20 years of experience I run a general full time private practice and have adults,

couples and families besides children and adolescents/teenagers as clients.

The focus is on the treatment of neurotic and psychosomatic disorders, as well as stress, burn-out, addiction, behavioral and relational problems.

The method is natural, pragmatic and adapted to the specific client or matter.

The used method is integrated and based on various schools within psychology.

Professional discretion and confidentiality are of course obvious.

For who?

Adults and couples

Both individual questions as relational or family questions are treated. Again, the emphasis is on a personal and confidential approach. Couples can be counseled either in separate sessions or together, if the couple in question agrees.

Post-natal depression or transitional problems are also included in my working scope.

In addition, you are also welcome to discuss problems related to taking pension, as well as questions regarding other major or minor changes in life, whatever they might be.

Children and adolescents

With children and adolescents, I also help with behavioral disorders such as ASD, ADHD, anorexia, addiction, bullying, abuse, etc as well as learning and social problems.

I can provide guidance on selecting the appropriate course of studies and / or career path.

Helping children in cases of divorce and / or co-parenting is also within my area of practice. I therefore have experience with the juvenile court and other courts.

Moreover, I have a close co-operation with most of the general practitioners and CLB’s in the region, as well as psychiatric centers, psychiatrists and various specialists.

All Belgian mutual insurances intervene for children and adolescents to a certain age. I 'm officially registered with all of them.

Recently Solidaris, the Liberale Mutualiteiten & the Christelijke Mutualiteit intervene partially and for a limited number of sessions for adults.


The practice is located in a quiet residential area not far from the center of Kapellen and is easily accessible by car, public transport (there is a bus stop at 200m).

There is ample parking space for your car.

House calls are also possible within the region.


Besides Flemish (mother tongue) I am fluent in French, English, Italian and German.


I only work by appointment and the waiting time is minimal; an appointment can be

scheduled within a week or shorter (please note that during the summer holiday the

waiting time might extend to 2 weeks).

A full hour is reserved per session. If requested, a shorter or longer session can be